Review Pendleton North Star Robe Blanket (Indigo) Blankets

The several days before. I'm looking for information on the Pendleton North Star Robe Blanket (Indigo) Blankets, so i would like to bring a story to tell.

Pendleton North Star Robe Blanket (Indigo)

Pendleton North Star Robe Blanket (Indigo) Blankets

For a view of the entire blanket please clickThrough the ages a bright star in the Little Dipper has been a constant source of navigation for the peoples of Earth. The North Star appears stationary and the Inuit call it Nuuttuittuq the star that never moves. Paiute legend relates how a brave son named Na-Gah became the star that does not travel and the guiding light for all living creatures. Na-Gah climbed to the top of a high mountain to win his father's respect. The peak was so tall that he found himself high above all the other mountains. When his father came looking for him he found Na-Gah stuck high on the mountain peak. Not wanting his son to die his father turned Na-Gah into a star that shines brightly and guides ... Read more

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