Review Cold Steel, It is well made and very nice. I'll echo every previous reviews by...

The week ago. I search for information on the Cold Steel Pendleton Mini Hunter Kraton Handle (Secure-Ex Sheath), so i would like to describe here.

Cold Steel Pendleton Mini Hunter Kraton

Both the Pendleton Hunter's hollow ground blade and the Mini Hunter's flat ground blade are honed to perfection. The handle's cross sections and contours match Lloyd's handmade knives exactly. For safety and durability we have dispensed with leather in favor of Secure-Ex for the sheaths. This material won't rot or mildew and is far more resistant to cuts or punctures than leather.. Read more or Check Price

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The Mini Hunter is my first Cold Steel. And ' well done and very nice. I join all previous reviews for loud voice saying " It ' small " Six inches of overall length. by H. Gaffney

Nice boxcutter. Perfect for small and medium-sized hands but predictably not ideal for large size hands up. by Guy Smiley!

This knife is great E ' small but it's a big knife for general use around camp or a kitchen knife in the kitchen. by Jerome C Crabtree

great boxcutter. I brought in my pocket every day for about a month. The knife is very strong and lightweight the sheath keeps the blade securely so ... by Jacob Holt

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